Without A Country – March 18th

Scott shooting Commodore Sloane B


You are invited to attend the premier of Without A Country.  Details are below.  
—  March 18, 2017 at 1:30pm
—  Majestic Theater
—  100 N. 13th Street, Centerville, Iowa
NO CHARGE:  There is no charge to see the presentation.  
DONATION:  A free will donation would be appreciated to help cover cost of renting the theater.   (Suggested donation:  $5 per adult or $10 per family.)
DVD AND BLU-RAY COPIES of the movie will be available before and after the movie showing.  No credit cards.  Please bring correct cash if possible.
—  DVD’s ……….. $15 each
—  Blu-Ray’s …..  $20 each
Note: if you participated in the filming of the movie you are entitled to a $5 discount on the purchase of 1 copy.
LUNCH:  A lunch place is in the works for those who would like to eat together prior to the premier.  Details are coming soon…

Coming Soon…

Without a Country is coming soon…

The short trailer (above) provides a taste of what’s to come.  The Blog Posts in the “Without A Country” section introduce some of the amazing cast.  They did a great job in bringing this story to life.  

This story is set in the North Carolina mountains.  It is based on the true story of a family’s harrowing trials during the Civil War.   It will soon come to the big screen.   Plus, the story will be available in DVD and Blu-ray form.

All of this is happening in MARCH – – the date and details are coming soon.

So, please stay tuned……………………….



Meet the Cast – Part 9


Now I will get back to introducing the cast of the upcoming movie – Without a Country.

Imagine yourself in Watauga County, North Carolina… and the Civil War is raging.  You are visiting mountain farmers in the small fields  in the upper valley near Valle Crucis.  These families are subsistence farmers working hard to feed their family.  They have virtually no money.  Their crop and chickens and pigs are all they have.  Their log cabin, barn and everything else they have comes from their hands.

Our lead characters – James Wilburn “Will” Clark and Suzanne Lusk – were surrounded by family.  And some of these family members intermarried.  For example, Suzanne’s brother Elkana married Will’s sister Evaline.  

Lynn Bolinger (below) played the part of Evaline Clark Lusk, Will’s sister.  

Annaliese Bates (above left) played Mary Lusk, daughter of Elkana and Evaline Lusk.

Calla Bates (above right) played Martha Lusk, daughter of Elkana and Evaline Lusk.


Thunder in the Woods – the Dance


Saturday night – what do you do for entertainment??

The Thunder in the Woods Civil War reenactment solved that problem for a number of folks in Corydon, Iowa.  The ladies and gents got decked out their finest and went to the Prairie Trails Museum ready for some old-timey music and a Civil War period dance.


The air was filled with sweet sounds as the band – a base, a banjo, a fiddle and a guitar – played.  Old tunes came to life and the melodies put a smile on everyone’s face.  Confederates and Federals united to enjoy the evening as the men and women went back and forth, twirling and spinning.  They did the Virginia reel.  They swayed to the gentle swells of a waltz.  They visited and laughed the night away.



Thunder in the Woods – hangin’ out


This past weekend Corydon Lake Park (at Corydon, Iowa) hosted Thunder in the Woods, a booming Civil War reenactment.  In this world the weapons fire smoke plus the Federal and Confederate forces are actually living history enthusiasts.   The park was full of folks, male and female, young and old, in period clothing.  They enjoyed being part of the event, camping, visiting, cooking on an open fire, doing art projects…  you name it.  As I walked through the trees one thing was very noticeable – –  EVERYONE was having a great time! 


My stroll around the park felt like a trip back in time – all the way back to the 1860’s.  A number of the ladies were outfitted in long dresses and flashy hats.  The gents had their vests and hats and some had rifles and gear.  A breeze rustled the leaves across the park and smoke from the campfires drifted through the camps. 


Men and women relaxed and enjoyed a fine time telling stories and visiting.  There was no email and no texting.  Everyone communicated face to face.  Mmmmmmm… what a comfortable, relaxing weekend – just hangin’ out.





Thunder in the Woods – – BIG THUNDER


This past weekend in Corydon, Iowa spectators witnessed living history come alive as men made their way through the woods to stage a Civil War reenactment.  They portrayed Federal and Confederate troops during the Vicksburg campaign.  As the infantry units moved about we periodically heard thunder coming from atop the hill – BIG THUNDER!


A number of artillery pieces were stationed to provide artillery support for the infantry.  When they fired, shock waves surged through the trees and echoed across the nearby lake.  The terrain was perfect for reverberating sound waves.  These photos give you some idea of the fire shooting from the barrel.  


DON’T FORGET – – check out the Open Eyes Media Facebook page for more photos!


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