Battery C – More Photos

Battery C, 3rd Iowa Light Artillery Regiment will soon be in action at Shiloh and this blog will provide lots of photos and stories from the event.  In the mean time… here are a few photos from the past.  Plus… video from the first shot fired from the new Parrott Rifle.  The video is run at 1/2 speed so you can see the flame.  It is also out in the Open Eyes Media YouTube Channel.

Flying the flags – Battery C, 3rd Iowa Light Artillery Regiment. Photo by Bruce Clark

Firing drill with a 10 Pound Parrett Rifle. Photo by Brad Clark

Getting Ready. Photo by Bruce Clark


2 thoughts on “Battery C – More Photos

  1. Wow . . . . I am a native South Carolinian who recently relocated to Iowa, and was delighted to accidentally stumble upon the marker for the Battle of Athens in Croton, Iowa, the northermost engagement of the Civil War, west of the Mississippi. I did not expect to find such a large degree of connection and engagement here to that epic conflict . . . . which, of course, in South Carolina is made to feel like it happened two weekends ago!

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