Battle Cry of Freedom

Shopping at Shiloh

Shopping at Shiloh

The Shiloh reenactment had much more than Confederate and Federal soldiers shooting at one another.  It had miles and miles of walking!  Doesn’t that sound fun?  It had rain Thursday night and Friday morning… and that led to lots of deep, sticky mud… and that led to trucks and cars getting stuck, even some 4-wheel drive vehicles.

But the Shiloh experience was much more.  There were nice surprises for those who walked through the sutler camp.  I had a great Polish sausage with lots of fried onions – mmmmmm!  And all of the food smelled so delicious.  There also was shopping for the ladies.  Check out the shop below.

There many other tents with great shopping… gear, guns, uniforms, hats, shoes… if it related to the Civil War, it was there.

One of the other real treats was the live music.  I have included a video clip below.  This fife and drum group played the “Battle Cry of Freedom” and they got people to pause.  It’s not every day you hear that song live while walking around a Civil War battle site.  Click on the photo below to play the video.  Enjoy!


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