Coming Soon – Shiloh DVD with Bobby Horton music!

The Battle of Shiloh DVD set is almost finished!

This has been an exciting project working with hours of video and hundreds of photos.  Each photo brings back a wonderful memory of my time at Shiloh.  And each photo reminds me of the sobering account of the Battle of Shiloh.  I hope the final DVD set captures the full nature of the event – the thrill of the reenactment along with the heartrending story of the battle.

Bobby Horton

Bobby Horton

Now, I am happy to share an exciting announcement…

The Battle of Shiloh DVD will feature the music of Bobby Horton.  His music is well know to many as he has produced music for 13 Ken Burns films including “The Civil War” and “Baseball.”  He has also worked on two films for The A&E network and 16 films for the National Park Service.  I have talked to Bobby on a couple of occasions about this project.  He likes the idea and is very supportive.

Bobby is a leading authority on music from the Civil War period.  He plays a wide range of instruments, composes music and has recorded a number of CD albums.  CLICK HERE  to read more about Bobby Horton, an amazing musician.


2 thoughts on “Coming Soon – Shiloh DVD with Bobby Horton music!

    • Thanks for your comment. And you are right – Bobby Horton is a talented musician. He can play a number of instruments and also composes music. He makes great effort to get music and instruments correct for the period. I am very happy to have his music as part of this DVD.

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