Shiloh National Battlefield – The Hornet’s Nest

Ruggles Line at Shiloh Battlefield

Ruggles Line at Shiloh Battlefield

The Battle of Shiloh was a 2-day conflict in 1862 with over 100,000 soldiers engaged in a deadly conflict that produced over 23,000 casualties.  This battle was so violent, it generated more dead and wounded soldiers than any battle in our nations history up to that point in time.

Grief came to thousands and thousands of families, in both the North and in the South.  Shiloh shook the nation to the core – the war was going to be grueling, horrific and bloody.  The Battle of Shiloh raged over a several mile area with portions of the battle waged in open fields and some of the battle waged in the dense Tennessee woods.  In reality, the battle was a number of conflicts where brigades or divisions of Confederates clashed with Federal units as the two sides came in contact.   

The Shiloh Reenactment portrayed a number of these conflicts.  The Hornet’s Next was the climax of the first day at the reenactment – just as it was on the first day at the Battle of Shiloh.  It was the eye of the storm and the reenactment certainly depicted it that way.

7th Iowa Monument at the Hornet's Nest

7th Iowa Monument at the Hornet’s Nest

The Shiloh DVD offers a tour of Shiloh Battlefield Park and especially focuses on the Hornet’s Nest.  It takes you to the center of the Federal line where a number of Iowa Regiments made their stand.  The photos and video show the actual Federal position as the soldiers faced the daunting Confederate firepower of Ruggles Line.  The photos above provide a glimpse of the serene beauty a visitor will see today when they tour the battlefield.  The DVD continues the tour with a visit of the Peach Orchard and the Bloody Pond. 

The Shiloh DVD also shows the reenactment portrayal of the Hornet’s Nest.  No reenactment can fully illustrate the horror of the battle – – but, this film takes the viewer right into the middle of the Confederate and Federal fight.  The earth-shaking artillery and the intense clash of infantry… you will be there.

Check out the Shiloh DVD offer by clicking on DVDS at the top of the page.


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