Shiloh National Battlefield – The Bloody Pond

The Bloody Pond

The Bloody Pond

Sometimes, the simplest of images can have a profound impact.  Such is the case with the photo above.

This tranquil pond in the Tennessee woods lay within the Shiloh battlefield in 1862.  Many wounded Federal and Confederate soldiers made their way to this pond during the battle.  They would get a drink and wash their wounds.  The pond offered a refreshing escape from the horrors of the battle.  As it turned out, many came here, bled here and died here.  Now, add to the scene, a number of wounded and dead horses.

With all the men and horses around the pond, and all the blood that poured out, the pond turned dark red.  This earned it the name – The Bloody Pond.

Confederate Monument at Shiloh

Confederate Monument at Shiloh

The many monuments in the Shiloh Battlefield park are impressive reminders of 1862.  They honor Confederates (above) and Iowans (below) for their service during that battle.  Monuments allow artistry that dramatizes the heroism of those soldiers from long ago.  I really like the monuments and reading the inscriptions.  They convey such deep meaning.

Iowa Monument at Shiloh

Iowa Monument at Shiloh

But, when I look at that small beautiful pond and try to imagine all those desperate and dying men… the agonizing desire to get just one more drink of water.  Wow.


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