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Shiloh DVD

Shiloh DVD

The Battle of Shiloh


Order your copy today.  Please provide a shipping address and an email address.  I will send you an email to confirm shipment.  Send a $23 check (includes $3 for shipping) to

Brad Clark

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DVD 1 provides highlights of the two-day battle reenactment plus a brief tour of the Shiloh National Battlefield Park.  The DVD has excellent photos of the Hornet’s Nest, the Bloody Pond and the Peach Orchard.

DVD 2 covers the following:

  • Battery C, 3rd Iowa Independent Regiment of Light Artillery

  • The Confederate and Federal camps and soldiers

  • The sutlers

  • The Saturday night dance and wedding

The DVD set also features the following units:

– The Alamo Rifles of the Red River Battalion

– The Razorback Flying Battery of Terry’s Texas Rangers

– Burroughs’ Battery, 1st Tennessee Light Artillery

– The Texas Brigade as it crosses the South field and fights at the Hornet’s Nest

– The 15th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment, the group that made the night trip on the Tennessee River

– The Federal and Confederate Artillery lines

One hundred fifty years after the Battle of Shiloh the Tennessee fields are again filled with soldiers.  Thousands of reenactors set up camps and cook on open fires.  Horses tethered under the trees graze while men pitch tents and clean rifles.  Then it is time for two days of battle.  Artillery thunders and belches fire.  Long lines of blue and gray infantry stream across the fields on a collision course.  The solders recreate battle movements of the original Hornet’s Nest, Peach Orchard, Ruggles Ling, Wheat Field and more.  Step back in time as you watch the Shiloh DVDs.

The Battle of Shiloh Reenactment DVD set will get your foot to tapping with some awesome music.  Enjoy the thrilling music of Bobby Horton along with a number of classic Civil War era songs.  The Bonnie Blue Flag, The Yellow Rose of Texas, The Rebel Soldier, The Battle Hymn of the Republic and Captain Shepherd’s Quickstep, along with many other songs, set the mood for the Battle of Shiloh Reenactment story.

The Battle of Shiloh Reenactment DVD set has approximately 175 minutes of amazing photos and videos.  History comes to life in this exciting 2-DVD set!

Don’t miss out – ORDER TODAY.



4 thoughts on “Order your Battle of Shiloh DVD

  1. I look forward to seeing your film. Would love to hear your comment on my book, a work of historical fiction loosely based upon the Battle. Pittsburg Landing by Robert Burns Clark. Sample pages available at my blog robertburnsclark.com. Thanks, RBC

    • Thanks for taking time to check out my blog and comment. I will take a look at your Pittsburg Landing book over the next few days and provide comment. Right now I am very busy with the release… Again, thanks for stopping by!

  2. Which Shiloh event did you film at? The group I do stuff with was at the Armies of Tennessee 150th Shiloh event, which I sadly missed due to an allergy attack. I know the Blue-Gray Alliance held their own 150th Shiloh closer to the battlefield site.

    • Thanks for checking out my blog. Sorry to hear about your allergy attack. It is tough luck to miss the events this year since it is the 150th anniversary. I was at the Blue-Gray Alliance event and had a great time.

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