Battle of Shiloh Documentary – Burroughs’ Battery

Two fine looking members of Burroughs' Battery

Two fine looking members of Burroughs’ Battery

Burroughs’ Battery is a Confederate reenactment group that is part of the Tennessee Light Artillery (CSA).  They bring a number of horses to each reenactment event ready to roam the battlefield as a Mounted Battery.  The 150th Anniversary Battle of Shiloh Reenactment had a surplus of Confederate Artillery units registered and a shortage of Federal Artillery units.  Burroughs’ Battery agreed to galvanize with the Federal Army and combine with Battery C, 3rd Iowa Light Artillery, to form a Federal Mounted Battery during the reenactment.

Hitching up the team

Hitching up the team

Burroughs’ Battery takes its name from Captain William H. Burroughs, commander of the unit during the Civil War.  The unit served primarily in eastern Tennessee.  Captain Steve Cameron heads the Burroughs’ Battery reenactment group.  In the photo above, he is helping to hitch the horses at the Shiloh Reenactment.  Cameron comes to this role with a notable background.  He served as a U.S. Army ordnance officer and has written for The Artilleryman.  After his army service, he worked in the family business and that eventually led to him starting his own business – Trail Rock Ordinance (click to read his story).  He basically makes all sorts of cannon parts used to re-create Civil War era artillery to the original spec.

Ready to head to the battlefield

Ready to head to the battlefield

Burroughs’ Battery worked together with Battery C at 150th Anniversary Shiloh Reenactment and the guys from Battery C had much to learn.  Burroughs’ Battery is one of only a handful of mounted batteries around the country.  Battery C had not worked with horses so you can only imagine all the extra work that comes with hitching horses and limbers and artillery pieces.  Burroughs’ Battery helped to give the Battery C gang a full dose of history immersion and great Shiloh memories.

Burroughs' Battery in the field with Battery C

Burroughs’ Battery in the field with Battery C

I think we can all agree… the photos of cannons firing are awesome.  But, you have to admit, there is nothing like seeing a photo with beautiful horses hitched and ready to pull artillery across the field.


2 thoughts on “Battle of Shiloh Documentary – Burroughs’ Battery

  1. Some really great photos. I enjoy reading about your trip to Shiloh. It helps to give a good feel for what it was like to be there. Thanks for all your stories.

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