Tough Guy Group 1 – Simplified Voting


The Open Eyes Media Tough Guy contest voting is now simpler.  Use the poll below to vote.  Vote for One – your favorite.  You also have a chance to win a copy of THE BATTLE OF SHILOH DOCUMENTARY.  Keep reading for details.


Tomorrow, another post will list 4 more movie Tough Guys – Group 2.  Vote for your favorite.  But that is not all… YOU CAN NOMINATE A TOUGH GUY THAT IS NOT ON THESE LISTS.  Send your nominations via a Comment to the blog or in an email to –

All nominated Tough Guys received by October 5th at 8pm central time will be compiled and form Group 3.  You can then vote for Group 3.

October 12th at 8pm central time voting ends for the first round.  The top 2 finishers in each Group advance to the Final Round.  The Final Round will feature 6 movie Tough Guys and you get to vote again.  Details for the Final Round will be provided when the 6 finalists are announced.

You can vote once each round.

Please Click the Facebook icon at the bottom of this article to post this to your Facebook page and encourage your friends to vote for your favorite Tough Guy.  You can also Comment on this blog to lobby for your favorite Tough Guy.

HOW TO WIN a copy of The Battle of Shiloh Documentary Film.  Sign up to FOLLOW this blog.  Click on the FOLLOW button for directions.  When the Tough Guy Final Round closes all those Following this blog are entered into the drawing.

Let the voting begin!!


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