And the winner is…

Shiloh DVD

Shiloh DVD

Our Tough Guy is over and the contest winner was John Wayne.  The Duke still has many fans.

And the winner of a Free copy of the documentary film, The Battle of Shiloh, is Alexandre Bernardes Quintao!!  Congratulations to Alexandre.

When I notified Alexandre that he won, he was definitely excited.  He has a keen interest in the American Civil War and likes history.  That’s why he came to Open Eyes Media.  As it turns out, Alexandre lives in the city of Belo Horizonte … and guess where this city is located??  BRAZIL!  Yes, Open Eyes Media has people reading the blog in Brazil.

I checked blog stats and the blog currently has readers in 55 countries with the top five being:  the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Czech Republic and Brazil.  Visitors have read the blog in all continents except for Antarctica.  The list of countries is amazing.  I think it says something about the web – people have access to many educational and entertaining sites!  And it says something about Open Eyes Media – the photos and content have broad appeal.

I am shipping The Battle of Shiloh to Alexandre tomorrow.  Hopefully, I can get his reaction to the film after he has viewed it.  Maybe he will share a few thoughts.  It would be very interesting to get the perspective of someone from a foreign country who has an interest in Civil War history.  More to come…

And for those who did not win but would like to purchase a copy of the film… CLICK HERE.  The cost is only $23 ($20 + $3 shipping).  That’s a bargain for a 2-DVD documentary of th 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Shiloh.


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