Pea Ridge – The News Crew


I just returned from the Battle of Pea Ridge reenactment.  The event took place on the Missouri-Arkansas border.  The camps, suttlers and battle reenactments were in Missouri – –  and the parking lot was in Arkansas.  It was cold and wet but the ground was handling the moisture… it was not muddy.

Soon after I arrived, a Fox-24 news crew from Fayetteville, Arkansas appeared.  They filmed artillery firing and did some interviews.  Click HERE to see their news segment.  The artillery photos, above and below, are Battery C, 3rd Iowa Light Artillery Regiment.


The sky was cloudy so colors were muted… and, unfortunately, the color in the photos was not vibrant.  But, the photos offer a good idea what it looked like this past Friday along the Missouri-Arkansas border.


I include two more photos for your enjoyment.  Please check out the blog in the coming days.  I will have lots of photos and good stuff as I report on the Battle Pea Ridge reenactment. 

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