A John Wayne in the making? Or maybe Clint Eastwood?


My time at Pea Ridge included a session with some aspiring actors.  I recruited the fierce-looking group (see above) to help with a project.  I was looking for the next John Wayne or maybe the next Clint Eastwood.  I wanted to film some short Civil War sequences where I had these young reenactors go through lines of dialog.  After fumbling with the camera, we got started.  We had lots of fun!

I confess, I did not give my troupe much time to practice.  This led to a few mistakes and a lot of laughs.  Check out the Youtube video.  The group went through several scenes including a segment where they spotted General Lee meeting with General Stonewall Jackson.  We also went through a death scene (see below).


It was a true pleasure to work with this group of aspiring actors.  I’m not sure if I found the next John Wayne or Clint Eastwood… but, that’s OK.  These soldiers came from the 22nd Arkansas Infantry (CSA), the 15th Arkansas Infantry (CSA) and the 1st Arkansas Infantry Battalion (CSA) reenactment groups.  They were awesome representatives of their reenactment units and I thank them for effort.  Now, let me introduce them…

IMG_4619 S

J. Warren Ferguson, Israel Crouch, Dale Moody, Patrick Emde, James Stevens, Colton Kulla


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