Pea Ridge – The Battle Begins


On a cold, damp Saturday morning in late March the hills along the border of Missouri and Arkansas reverberated with the sounds of artillery and rifle fire.  The reenactment of the Battle of Pea Ridge drew participants from all across the middle of the country.  A number of states were represented including Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Iowa and Kansas to name a few.

The event was also covered by Arkansas Channel 5 News.  CLICK HERE to see their coverage. 


Confederate soldiers lined up on one side of the large field and Federal soldiers lined up on the other side of the field.  Soon the signal was given and the battle erupted.  A line of Confederates moved forward and a Federal force moved forward.  Rifle fire cracked again and again.  Artillery on each end of the field boomed.


Soon, spectators forgot the chill in the air… they were transfixed.  The battle raged right in front of them.  Pea Ridge, as reenactments go, was a medium size event.  The beauty of this event – spectators were close to the action.  They Federal and Confederate forces were easily viewed and the movements never took them from view.  I continued to look for famous Civil War soldiers.  There was no General Lee or Stonewall Jackson.  No Nathan Bedford Forrest.  No General Grant.  But, every minute was intriguing.  And the booming artillery was LOUD!

The photos in this post show Confederate forces as the battle started.  The next post will show their Federal opponents.


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