Pea Ridge – Federals get overrun



As the Pea Ridge Civil War reenactment got underway Saturday morning, the Confederate line moved forward.  Federal forces fired the big guns and the field shook with each thunderous boom.  Confederate artillery stationed on the opposite side of the field responded.  Each time the Federal guns roared, the Confederate guns roared back.  It was awesome. 


A Federal company moved forward under the cover of artillery fire.  The enthusiastic Yanks were determined to stop the long Confederate line.  With the continual fire, smoke started to hover over the field and blur the soldiers and artillery.  Firing went back and forth, back and forth.  Bodies littered the field.  Federal and Confederate forces advanced looking for an advantage.  But, in the end, the grey line could not be stopped.  There were too many to stop.


Determined Confederates broke through the blue line and overrun the Federal artillery.  Thundering artillery ceased.  Quiet engulfed the field.  Smoke lingered then slowly dissipated. 

The battle was over.  Fortunately, it was a reenactment battle.  The dead and wounded got up.  It was time to eat.

You may wonder… did I find General Lee or Stonewall Jackson or General Grant.  The answer is NO.  But, I did eat some good grub.



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