Pea Ridge – Reenacting and History

"Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas" by Kurz and Allison

“Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas” by Kurz and Allison

Civil War reenactments offer the modern history buff an opportunity to get a visual on life and events from an earlier time.  Soldiers suit up and equip themselves to match the look for the unit they represent.  So, for example, when re-enactors for the 15th Arkansas take the field, they offer a reasonable representation of the original Civil War unit.

I salute the men and women who worked so hard to make the Pea Ridge reenactment both entertaining and informative.  They did a great job portraying a key moment in Arkansas and Missouri history.

Now for a few words of historical caution…  The Pea Ridge reenactment planned to present the multi-day battle in several battle scenarios.  Unfortunately, some of the battle scenarios were cancelled due to bad weather.  The Saturday morning reenactment scenario, presented in the previous blog posts, ended with the Federal position being overrun by Confederates.  If this story was all you read about Pea Ridge, you would have a wrong idea about what happened at the real Battle of Pea Ridge.

I say this to encourage those who follow the blog to learn the full history of the battle at Pea Ridge.  Reenactments present history in chunks.  The real history of the Pea Ridge battle and the bravery of those who fought during this time is a story larger than a reenactment or a few blog posts.  The real tribute we can give those who were here in 1862 is learn their story.


2 thoughts on “Pea Ridge – Reenacting and History

  1. You said it right. These reenactments are part history and part entertainment. If you want to learn more history, read more. On the other hand, history is always more interesting if you find some ways to connect. These events help to get people interested.

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