Meet the Young Guns at Pea Ridge

IMG_4619J. Warren Ferguson, Israel Crouch, Dale Moody, Patrick Emde, James Stevens, Coleton Kulla

While at the Pea Ridge Reenactment I worked with a group of young reenactors, a fired up group of Young Guns.  I wanted them to do a few short scenes.  They had virtually no time to rehearse – yet they approached the task with enthusiasm.  We all had a great time working together, laughing, filming a scene, re-doing the scene and on and on.  Their efforts resulted in a short Youtube below.  Unfortunately, some of what we filmed did not work out because of truck noise.  Got to love those trucks!  🙂  

Does one of these talented Young Guns remind you of John Wayne?  Or Clint Eastwood?  Let’s see your comments below… don’t be shy.

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