Counting Cars and Chasing Tail

Counting CarsCounting Cars

Are you a history buff?  Or maybe you like movies centered around a historical theme?  Maybe movies about Jessie James or Billie the Kid.  Or maybe war movies like Pearl Harbor or Saving Private Ryan.  Or political movies like Lincoln.  What about the History Channel programs like The Vikings or The Bible?  These programs have been extremely successful in attracting viewers.  I like a wide range of history programming and historical fiction.  But, something seems a little wacky…

Something is amiss with the History Channel.  Others have commented on this and now it is my turn to spew a few thoughts.

What does Counting Cars and Chasing Tail have to do with History?  I suppose I should put some really suggestive photo out there with the caption “Chasing Tail” to see how many people would come to this blog.  That almost feels like what the History Channel is doing.  I get it.  In a world where money talks – and audience equates to money – even the History Channel is willing to bend the definition of history until it has no meaning as a name.

I know program development has a long time cycle.  Hopefully, the success of The Vikings and The Bible will lead to more programs like this.  But, I am not “Counting” on it.


6 thoughts on “Counting Cars and Chasing Tail

  1. I agree. The History Channel used to have more programs on the Civil War and all kinds of history topics. Now it seems like it is just another reality network.

  2. I agree. The programs that are featured most evenings such as Pawn Stars and American Pickers allow us to enter into a version of current American culture and become familiar with the hosts but fail to satisfy our hunger for stories from the past and the people involved.

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