More faces from the Keokuk reenactment


Civil War reenactments are theater.  Each event typically portrays a particular battle of the war.  Over the course of a reenactment the spectators will see basic troop movements and battle tactics that resemble some portion of that battle.  Shooting and smoke and noise are all integral to the theatrical presentation of battle scenarios. 


With all the battle portrayals and scenarios and artillery we should not forget – – the most fundamental ingredient to a good reenactment is PEOPLE!  I know, this seems pretty basic.  But, just look at these photos.  If these people are not present, what do you have?  The clothes they wear, the hats, the scruffy beards, the smiles, the long dresses, the friendly conversation…


Keokuk was a great place for this sort of event.  This grand community theater had an amazing stage – the rolling hills right by the Mississippi River.  Tall trees throughout the park made perfect props.  And spectators were allowed to walk all over the stage and to mix with the actors before and after the battle action.  You could smell the smoke of many campfires… you could hear the horses snort… you could almost feel like you were living in 1863.



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