Keokuk – Reenactments and Vampires


The Keokuk reenactment had a lot of food and people and entertainment.  It also had lively battle scenarios.  And, as you can see, everyone had a superb view of the action.  These photos come from Day 1 at Keokuk where they portrayed The Battle of Chickasaw Bayou, also called the Battle of Walnut Hills.  This was the opening conflict of the Vicksburg campaign, a struggle to control the Mississippi River.  While Keokuk is a long ways from Vicksburg, Mississippi, the city sits along the mighty Mississippi River… so spectators had a meaningful connection to the original campaign just beyond the park.


Dark clouds hovered over Keokuk much of Day 1 and they  generated an on-and-off drizzle.  If you look closely, you will notice raindrops in some of these photos.  The heavy moist air seemed to hold the white smoke from the artillery and rifle fire in eerie suspense.  At times, spectators could not see across the field as the haze accumulated. 


As I watched the battle at Keokuk my mind drifted to the modern Civil War classic – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter I suppose many of you have seen this movie and have suspicions regarding the true nature of the Civil War. 

This alternative history has not gained much traction so I thought I would do my part … I looked across the field for the presence of vampires or zombies or any other curious beings.  I did spot some curious beings, but no vampires or zombies.  Maybe the vampire action was more prevalent in the Eastern Theater of the war. 

I do want to solicit those who were at Keokuk… if you have any evidence relevant to this issue, please let me know ASAP.  I can keep your identity confidential if you prefer…



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