The Faces of Cedar Rapids


The reenactment at Cedar Rapids was a gathering of many, many people.  Each person looked like they stepped out of the 1860’s.   Some dressed in the Federal blue and Confederate grey uniforms of the Civil War soldier.  Others came in the civilian clothes typical of the period.  The hats, belts and brogans added to the authentic look.


Cedar Rapids was a collection of many faces, each with a story.  The place was a Living History experience.  Each afternoon featured a reenactment – but there was much more.  Old time music floated through the camps.  Visitors could attend a ladies tea and style show.  Mr. Abraham Lincoln quoted the Gettysburg address and discussed politics of the period.  A Civil War doctor explained surgery techniques and medicine typical for the period (I think I prefer the medical capabilities of today).  

I could go on and on… check back later and I will share more about my amazing time at the Cedar Rapid reenactment. 


2 thoughts on “The Faces of Cedar Rapids

    • Thanks for your comment. I am envious… I have been to Gettysburg several times but not this year. I hope you enjoyed your visit. One of my big treats in Gettysburg was to purchase an antique writing table while there. That table means a lot to me and it is home for my pc…

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