Cedar Rapids – The Battle Begins



Cedar Rapids – the battle begins!  You are probably thinking, “What are you talking about?  I had a history class and  I never heard of any Civil War battles in Cedar Rapids.” 

You’re right…  The reenactment at Cedar Rapids portrayed the Battle of LaFourche Crossing, a Civil War battle in LaFourche Parish, Louisiana.  Back in 1863 Confederate Major General Richard Taylor sent an expedition under Colonel James Major to break Federal supply lines.  The Battle of LaFourche Crossing was part of this campaign and happened June 20-21, 1863.


Federal forces under the command of Brigadier General William Emory held fast as Confederates attacked their position for two days.  Eventually, the Confederates withdrew from the scene and the Union forces maintained their presence in Louisiana.  The Cedar Rapids reenactment presented scenarios for the two-day battle.  And, in a way, the reenactment was a tribute to many brave soldiers who fought 150 years ago. 



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