Reenactments – The Next Generation


Reenactments… civil war historians…  when you attend a Civil War Reenactment you see a diverse crowd in the ranks.  Usually, older reenactors are a common site in the battle lines.  But the closer you look, the more you notice the “Next Generation” side-by-side with their fathers and brothers.  The reenactment at Cedar Rapids had a number of younger reenactors and I thought I would share a few photos.


A number of activities appeal across generations – – attending sports events, summer softball leagues, biking, hiking… and Civil War living history events are clearly on the list.  What more could you want?  Camping under the stars; cooking food over open fires; learning about the history of the 1860’s… these are activities that appeal to young and old alike.  So, as you visit a reenactment, look through the ranks of the Federal and Confederate soldiers.  You will notice many faces that have a history – teachers, farmers, postal workers, veterans, nurses, truck drivers, office workers – a cross-section of the American middle class.  And you will also see the Next Generation standing in line with their elders.  It is good to see them all working together…



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