Cedar Rapids – Day 2


Every time I look at my photos from the Cedar Rapids reenactment, they bring back good memories.  The weather was perfect for the Saturday – Sunday event… and I enjoyed mingling with so many friendly people.  As I look back on the two days, I want to remind everyone that Civil War reenactments are living history events.  Cedar Rapids had Abraham Lincoln, a Saturday night dance and a battlefield medical presentation.   The Lady’s Tea and Style program provided a snapshot of life during the 1860’s.  I learned about petticoats and women’s dresses and so much more.  If you did not read that post I suggest you click here.


The reenactment started with a BANG on Saturday and, after a rousing Day 1, you would think Day 2 would be a let-down.  Not so….

Special programs were scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday and the Civil War battle scenario did not fizzle on Day 2.  Boom!  Boom!  The artillery thunder echoed across Seminole Valley Farm and smoke drifted across the field.  Infantry pushed forward and fell back, again and again.  After the battle, the soldiers drifted back to the camps, visiting, enjoying the moment.  This was a great time to mingle with the participants. 


Day 2, just like Day 1, wowed the audience.  Federals and Confederates did not spare the gun powder.  No corners cut… clouds of white smoke… booming explosions… action packed scenarios… old-time dresses… horses… good food… What more could you want!



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