Heading to Lamoni


Dennis Piepergerdes Photography

This coming weekend I am headed to Lamoni, Iowa, to photograph and film the Civil War Days reenactment.  They have a number of historical attractions and events associated with Civil War Days including old-time music, period toys and games, and a lady’s tea.  You can also visit period sutlers, a blacksmith, a medical tent, etc. etc.  And you will obviously see lots of Federal and Confederate soldiers.  For details about the event CLICK HERE.

I know this is Labor Day weekend so you may already have plans… But, if you can spare a day, consider heading to Lamoni.  The reenactment is just over an hour south of Des Moines and is near the Missouri border.  Here is what the Des Moines Register said about the event in past years:

“One of the top 10 coolest things to do in Iowa over Labor Day weekend” Des Moines Register 2005 & 2007
“One of the ’10 Best Bets’ in south-central Iowa for summer fun” Des Moines Register 2007
A spotlighted Labor Day activity for Iowa families Des Moines Register 2011

Note:  photos in this post are courtesy of  the Lamoni Civil War Days website.


3 thoughts on “Heading to Lamoni

  1. Hi Brad, what wonderful pictures and looks like a fabulous time was had! for some reason you have not been showing up in my reader, probably since I changed my blog site due to tech. probs with the old one, but I have found you again and so glad I did! hugs!

    • Hollie, thanks for checking out my documentary blog. I put photos from some of my outings in this blog. I am glad you found me again. I also seem to have problems getting notifications from your blog. I do not automatically get a notice so I go to the reader to catch up on your blog. Again, thank you, thank you for stopping by. And thanks for the hugs!

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