Federals at Lamoni


Any good Civil War reenactment needs a solid complement of soldiers on both the Federal and Confederate sides of the field.  Today I am showing some photos of the men in Blue – the Federals.  Lamoni had a large Federal camp and now you get to see a few of the Union soldiers I  met.


The Federals from the 3rd Iowa Light Artillery were hospitable and invited me to spend Saturday evening in camp, sharing grub and stories.  I needed to get back to Des Moines so I hung out long enough to see a new artillery piece christened… a unique ceremony that I will share at a later time.  Anyway, I did not wait on the full meal but I did enjoy some fresh watermelon.  The melon was a perfect way to finish a sweaty day.  And their hospitality was greatly appreciated.


As I think about the many people I met – – in both camps – – I extend a big THANK YOU for a great reenactment at Lamoni.  I think the many spectators at Lamoni would agree – you were all awesome!!!!!!

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