Lamoni welcomes Foodies


Civil War Days in Lamoni attracted hundreds of spectators and reenactors.  The event aimed to educate and entertain and it clearly accomplished that.  But, when you have that many people coming together for a weekend event, one need cannot be ignored.,, FOOD.


Whether walking through the camps or visiting the sutler area, food was everywhere.  Lamoni clearly was a gathering place for FOODIES!

As we walked through the camps at breakfast, many of the reenactors had campfires stoked and skillets filled.  Enticing smells of fried bacon, eggs and hash browns drifted through the fresh morning air.  The soldiers – both Union and Confederates – knew how to use a skillet!  This was not your microwave crowd and there were no microwave dinners.  🙂

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression – KISS (keep it simple stupid).  These folks did just that.  Their food came from a primitive kitchen – a fire and a few heavy pots and pans.  Nothing very complicated.  But these simple kitchens cooked some of the best-tasting, hearty meals anyone will ever enjoy.


Spectators did not suffer at Lamoni… they were well served by a number of food vendors.  Amish breads, pies and sweet rolls were in ready supply at one of the tents (see above photo).  We could not resist – we bought a blackberry pie and a loaf of fresh-baked cinnamon swirl bread.  Mmmmmm.  Nearby, we bought some delicious broasted chicken and sweet, juicy corn-on-the-cob.  We washed this down with a smooth home-made root beer.  Unfortunately, I have no other food photos from the food vendors.  My hands were sticky and busy with the chicken so I had put my camera away and focused on… you guessed it… EATING.


There is something uniquely appealing about food cooked over an open fire.  And there is something special about eating outdoors with friends.  All of this tends to slow-down the pace of life.  The experience of eating is just that – and experience.  It brings out good conversations.  It sets the mood for a day.  It doesn’t get much better than that.



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