The Cavalry at Lamoni


The Lamoni Civil War Days reenactment had lots of food and spectators and artillery and soldiers.  And the reenactment also had lots of horses.  The open field offered an excellent place for infantry and cavalry movements.


Confederate and Federal cavalry galloped about and, at times, seemed to be everywhere.  The Federal camp and the Confederate camp were on opposite sides of the large field and it was a long hike to cross that field, maybe taking 10 minutes.  On the other hand, the Cavalry could cover the ground in a flash, taking maybe 30 seconds.  That speed was a visual reminder to all –  the cavalry could be a potent force during the Civil War.


The Lamoni reenactment scenario presented infantry action and thundering artillery.  Smoke drifted across the field.  Soldiers came from out of the trees.  Some took positions in trenches.  This all made for good theater.  Then came the cavalry… the speed and beauty of the horses… Wow!  This made good theater into GREAT theater!



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