Corydon Civil War Days


Deep in the woods of southern Iowa, far from the bright lights of the city, men and women gathered.  They wore old clothes that gave the look of the 1860s.  They were here for the Corydon Civil War Days reenactment.  Corydon is located in Wayne County and is famous for being the site of a Jesse James bank robbery. 

Prior to the action, a number of men converged in a low spot between two big hills.  They were busy talking and planning – and, within minutes, the drama started.


The initial phase of the reenactment turned out to be an argument between a man and a woman.  It seems the man owed the woman some money and she was intent on receiving payment – and he was intent on dishing out insults to her.  This dispute went back and forth with their voices echoing through the woods.  They definitely had the right people for the parts.  You could hear this quarrel heat up and, before long, gun shots run out.


I will be sending out more articles and photos on the Corydon Civil War Days over the next few days. 

Plus, coming soon:  photos and articles on Davis County Civil War Days

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