Corydon – The Battle Continues


The argument between the man and woman – remember, she wanted her money and he refused to pay her – continued on and on.  She would not let it die and pursued him through the woods at Corydon.  While this was a Civil War reenactment and historical theater, this personal dispute brought the center of attention up close.  The event was not so much a focus on the Confederate army vs. the Federal army… it zeroed in on specific people.


As I watched the reenactment in the dense woods, I was so close I was almost part of the presentation.  I could hear the personal conversations and see the faces of the people involved.  These were people in the woods in the middle of a heated confrontation, shooting at one another and looking for refuge behind trees. 

I have been to a number of Civil War reenactments and I feel I can honestly say – – the Corydon Civil War Days reenactment stands out as a unique experience.  It felt like I was in the middle of a personal dispute that exploded out of control.  Nobody seemed to know how to end the argument and the whole affair turned into a fight blown out of proportion to the original dispute.  Sometimes the actors were so close I could almost touch them. 

Wow!  It was a GREAT performance!!  

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