Davis County – the Confederates Gather


My last Civil War reenactment for 2013  took  place in Davis County in mid-October.  The event was held on a farm approximately 5 miles south of Bloomfield and just 6 miles from the Missouri border.  This spot was so isolated it was easy to lose track of modern life… no highways, no shopping malls, no factories… just lots of trees and hills and quiet.


The reenactment field was in a low valley down from the camps.  When spectators were down in the valley to watch the action they were even more lost to the outside world.  Long, steep hills and a dense woods surrounded the field.  For a time, life was suspended in a 1860’s time warp.


Prior to the battle scenario, the Confederates gathered on the far end of the field among the trees.  I walked down a took some photos.  It was a great walk… and the trees were starting to turn to their fall colors.  What a striking site!  I can only imagine what it must have looked like a week or two later.

That day was truly heaven made.  The fresh air, the blue sky, the perfect temperature – and all this in a lost world, tucked away among the large hills in Davis County, Iowa.  It was good to savor the moment.

The Davis County event has a unique story – a real Civil War story that few know.  Make sure to come back to the blog and learn that story.



2 thoughts on “Davis County – the Confederates Gather

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