Davis County Camp Life


Camp life is a part of virtually every reenactment –  and it was a big part of the Davis County event.  Over the course of a reenactment weekend there are typically two or three battle scenarios plus substantial preparation for everything that happens.  Reenactors move artillery into position, clean rifles and the fill cartridge cases, feed and water the horses, you get the idea. 


When reenactors are not busy with preparations or battle scenarios they have the opportunity to enjoy camp life.  Ah, the pleasures of relaxing around the fire and sharing stories.  While I was at Davis County I sat with a group of guys from Iowa and Missouri and others who were originally from New York and Illinois.  Mr. Lincoln was there and the story telling took off.  With a group this diverse the stories covered crazy events from Florida to California…  Who would’ve guessed that a campfire in Davis County, Iowa would be the setting for so many stories.

After some stories, we enjoyed some great camp grub plus some awesome pie.  Men and women feasted and smiles were on every face.  I never heard one complaint about the food.  The simple meal was as good as any Thanksgiving dinner.  I think eating outdoors has a tendency to make everything taste better.  🙂  Later in the evening, as darkness set in, many gathered around the campfire and sang a number of old and new songs. 

When was the last time you had a great meal out in the woods and finished off the day singing old favorites around the campfire? 

Take in a Civil War reenactment and enjoy the coffee.



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