When the Sun Goes Down


Reenactments are much more than daytime events.  Civil War reenactments offer many evening activities – dances, dinners, speeches, etc.  And sometimes you have the rare opportunity to witness a night fire.  Davis County offered this unique experience to all who were willing to stay out in the wild until dark.


The night fire featured two artillery pieces firing some spectacular rounds.  The rounds had the usual gun powder charge along with a mix of pyrotechnic additives (like phosphorus, etc.) that produced amazing colors.  In a way, this was like a fireworks display on the 4th of July – but, the sounds and flash came out the end of an artillery piece.

I hope you get some idea of this from these photos – – but photos cannot do justice to the amazing burst of color in the night sky.  So, if you enjoy the vibrant beauty of fireworks on the 4th, consider a Civil War reenactment.  Check the schedule for a night fire.  If they have one and you can go, you will not be disappointed.



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