Springtime in Keokuk



Oh, the excitement of Springtime!  After a long, tough winter, the warm days of Spring are here.  Keokuk got a heavy dose of sunshine on Saturday and the reenactment attracted great crowds.  Smiles were everywhere.  People seemed to have more spring (no pun intended) in their step.  I think everyone was ready for a day like this.

The Keokuk Reenactment attracted young and old alike.  Many spectators came in colorful Civil War period clothing … while many others came in shorts and a tee-shirt.  At times, it looked like women’s hats were back in style.  🙂



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The crowds enjoyed their time at the reenactment.  People wandered about Rand Park, over the hills and through the trees.  They explored the camps, talked to reenactors and smelled the campfires.  They visited the vendors and sampled the food.  Kids chased about.  Laughter and the buzz of friendly conversation filled the park.

Then KA-BOOM!  Eyes turned to the battlefield.  Artillery thundered, rifles cracked… the battle was on.




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