Civil War Days Starts with a Bang!


Lamoni, Iowa hosted Civil War days this weekend.  Federal and Confederate reenactors gathered to put on a grand, rock-em, sock-em show. 

They have been doing this for twelve years at Lamoni so they know what they’re doing.  CLICK HERE to see more details about this action packed event. 


I plan to show a few photos of Civil War Days over the next few days so I hope you will keep checking out the blog.  The event clearly added some color and noise to the weekend in Lamoni.  As I roamed around through the audience it was fun to watch people flinch and jump as the artillery thundered.  Then, after several rounds of artillery fired, the crowd was settled. 


Want to see more?  Want to hear the sounds and see the troops up close?  Want to see the sutler area and hear the music?  Relive the excitement of Civil War Days – –  CLICK HERE  to see this special DVD offer.




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