Lamoni Troops on the Move


Federal and Confederate forces went back and forth at Lamoni Civil War Days… they moved all over the far end of the large battle field.  After several days of rain, some parts of the field were very muddy.  The Lamoni battle field is huge so most of the action took place on high ground so the reenactors could stay out of the gunk.


As you can see, this kept much of the action a good distance from the audience.  The 2014 event stands in sharp contrast to the 2013 Reenactment.  A year ago it was hot, hot, hot.  It reached 104 degrees the day the soldiers set up tents… and it was bone dry.  And in 2013, a great cavalry battle took place right in front of the audience, just where you see the mud in the photo.


The unpredictability of the weather is always a part of outdoor theater.  It also serves as a reminder – the soldiers during the Civil War had to endure weather no matter what came.  They slept on the ground and marched all over creation, on hot dry days and on muddy days and even in the snow.  They were a tough bunch. 



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