Corydon Civil War Days this Weekend


Corydon Civil War Days are just around the corner.  Where has the time gone?  It hardly seems like a year has passed since I was in the woods south of town at Corydon Lake Park.  A year ago it was cool and rainy.  This weekend the forecast calls for temperatures in the 60’s and no rain.  (I know, who can predict the weather?  I cannot… but that is the current forecast.)


Last year this event took place deep in the hills and woods of southern Iowa.  These photos from 2013 hopefully illustrate just how fantastic this location was for a reenactment. 

>>  Did you know?  In 2013 Corydon Civil War Days was included in a documentary film .  <<


CLICK HERE to learn more about this exciting DVD.


I think we would all agree, the hills around Corydon are a perfect setting for a Civil War reenactment.  The hills have also seen the passing of outlaws.  Many of you have heard of Corydon and know it as a town made famous by a Jesse James gang bank robbery back in 1871.  

When you plan your visit to Corydon, make sure to spend some time at the Prairie Trails Museum of Wayne County.  This museum has displays on the Jesse James robbery, the Mormon trail that passes through the Wayne County, and a lot of other area history. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about the museum.


So, if you have some time this Saturday-Sunday, September 13-14, head to Corydon, Iowa.  Enjoy the cool Fall air.  Visit a museum and learn about the past.  And make sure to enjoy Corydon Civil War Days!






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