Davis County – Here come the horses!


The Davis County Raid featured a great mix of Federal and Confederate artillery and infantry… and very active cavalry contingent.  The horses and riders were everywhere!  The speed of the magnificent horses provided a sense of explosive energy to the event.


The October day in Davis County was perfect for spectators and reenactors alike.  The warm autumn sun allowed spectators to forget about their cares… and relax… and enjoy the fresh air… and escape the present.  It was easy to drift back into the 1860’s and get caught up in the drama on the field.   

I had a perfect place to watch the living history theater.  In fact, I was so close to the action that I could hear the cloppety-clop of the horse hoofs and the heavy snorting as the horses galloped about.  It was GREAT!







3 thoughts on “Davis County – Here come the horses!

    • Thanks for the comment. I have been making documentary films of reenactments. My next project is a scripted work. I am rounding up people to begin filming next spring/summer. It is super low budget – basically volunteers. The story is set during the Civil War, hence the interest in working with reenactors. I could use a strong red-headed woman for one scene. Do you know anyone who might fit the bill? 🙂

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