Announcing: Without A Country


I am happy to announce a new film project titled 

Without A Country

Our story involves a family (Will and Suzanne Clark) in the North Carolina mountains caught up in the turmoil of the Civil War.  They were Southerners, but, like thousands of mountain farmers, they favored the Federal cause.  As war broke out, Southerners rallied.  They recruited armies to fight Federal forces and they expected the war would be over within a month or two.  Hmmmm…. it didn’t really work out that way. 



When the Civil War started in 1861, Southern manhood was at stake.  There was lots of pressure to enlist – but Will did not enlist.  A year later, when the Confederate government enacted conscription, Will was not taken as he was above conscription age.  By the Fall of 1862, the war was taking so many men in the South, the Confederate government expanded conscription to age 45 then age 50.  Will was taken.  Eventually, he deserted along with hundreds and thousands of others. 

These photos portray a time after Will deserted and he was hiding in the woods from the Watauga County, North Carolina Home Guard.  He was sleeping under a large tree when he got caught in a snow storm. 

He was hungry and cold – but that was the least of his troubles.  I will tell you more on my next post.



Note:  This film is based on the lives of James Wilburn Clark and Suzanne Lusk Clark and their many relatives.  The substance of the story comes from oral histories received directly from the grandchildren of James and Suzanne and several of the other characters in the story.  The story tellers provided a direct link to 1860’s.  Decades of interviews led to chilling tales now presented in this film.   



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