The Conclusion to the Bear and the Panther and the Home Guard



While Will huddled in the ravine under the log he had to make a decision – what would he do?  The bear and the panther approached and, with each step, they grew more agitated.  The bear growled at the panther and the panther screamed warnings at the bear.  Neither was inclined to back down.

The Home Guard heard the ruckus and came to a halt just down the ridge from Will.  They looked up toward the sound. 




As each beast approached the ravine they proceeded to the log.   Will was in a tight spot.  He made his choice – hunker down.  The bear and the panther slowly moved across the log just above Will.  When the bear neared the panther it stood on its back legs and roared a warning.  The panther didn’t hesitate – it lunged at the bear and clawed the bear’s stomach, tearing it open.  With the wound, the bear retreated from the log and the panther continued through the woods.  

During the entire time, the savage instincts of the bear and panther kept them so focused on the other, they never picked up on the scent of Will.  The two beasts never knew he was there.  The Home Guard listened to the animal noises – then it quieted down – then they rode on.

What a way to start a day!

Next… a story about Suzanne, a sister and a sister-in-law.  

A true story that will also be in the film – Without a Country




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