The Cast at the Centerville Shoot


Making a film requires the dedication of a large crew of people and I am fortunate to have such a crew.  The folks I work with have a passion for history and telling stories of the past.  We have no Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts or Russell Crowe in our cast.  Our folks are volunteers.  They don’t need private dressing rooms or special treatment.  They show up ready and eager to do their part.  They are amazing people.  

As I work to produce “Without a Country” I take filming to a number of locations… the cumulative driving will be over 2 thousand miles just to film all the scenes.  When other film work is included, the total travel will be several thousand miles.  The effort required to make progress on a project of this sort is monumental and I can only say positive things about the cast and crew.  They’re always ready to help one another – their energy and enthusiasm is contagious. 

The scenes at the cabin in Centerville, Iowa, portrayed stories at the cabin of Jeremiah and Mary Ann Clark.  The old cabin was a perfect spot for our cast to gather and get in an 1860’s frame of mind. 



As we filmed in Centerville, the weather was perfect and everyone looked like they had stepped straight out of the Civil War time period.  We all worked hard to get set for a scene.  The cameras were ready.  Everyone was in position.  “Action”  The cast started to say their lines… then… roarrrrrr.  A motorcycle or pickup truck zoomed down a nearby street.  We paused, waited until it was quiet, then started over.  It was frustrating and funny all at the same time.  All we could do was laugh. 

Modern life periodically reminded us that we were not in the 1860’s and I am happy we’re not.  “Without a Country” tells of those days.  Those were tough, painful times.  I’ll be content to tell the story…







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