The Watauga County Women’s Regiment

One hundred fifty years ago women took action… They played a vital part in the survival of their families.


WITHOUT A COUNTRY focuses on the struggles in Watauga County, North Carolina.  During the Civil, War thousands of mountain men throughout the south were actually Union sympathizers.  They did not believe in the Confederate cause.  Eventually, conscription took most able bodied men under the age of 50.  Many of those with Unionist feelings eventually deserted.

[NOTE:  WITHOUT A COUNTRY should be release later this fall.  Stay tuned for details.]

Now to the women – – – Watauga County officials distributed salt during the war but families of deserters were denied salt.  This was a severe penalty since salt was essential to food preservation during those times.  Basically, the Confederate government was starving families into submission.


This didn’t stop Suzanne, Eveline and Kate.  They took action!  They hiked through the mountains to Saltville, Virginia (about 70 miles each way) to fetch salt.  They faced the dangers of hostile rogues, wild bears, panthers and untamed rivers with steely resolve.  They were soldiers for their children.  The Watauga County Women’s Regiment was a tremendous success.  They made the trip several times and kept food on the table.  The rations were meager… but everyone got something to eat.



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