Meet the Cast – part 1


The filming of Without a Country required a large cast.  There were 40 speaking parts plus many others who were part of the Home Guard, local militia, etc.  In some cases, the actors did double duty.  Our story focused on Will Clark and Suzanne Lusk Clark.  Scott Phelps (above) played the part of John Clark, brother of Will.  He also played parts as Confederate cavalry, Confederate Home Guard, etc.

(Make sure to click on the photos to see them in enlarged format.)

Top Left:  Dan Shoup played Francis Marion “France”  Clark, brother to Will.  He also was part of the Confederate Home Guard.

Top Right:  Left soldier unknown.  Right solder is Ashley DeSplinter.

Bottom Left:  Justin Wyatt was part of the Confederate Home Guard and also played a part in a Confederate recruitment rally.

Bottom Right:  Caleb Hoselton played Elliott Bingham in the Confederate Home Guard.  He also played Confederate Cavalry in other scenes.

Thanks to all the lads for their efforts in bringing this story to life.  Stay tuned… more introductions are coming.


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