Meet the Cast – Part 8


More of the cast from Without a Country…  

Above:  Zack Guider played the part of Samuel Clark, one of Will’s brothers.  Samuel was part of the 37th North Carolina Infantry Regiment.  He and his brother France were sent to Virginia and were part of the 1862 campaign around Richmond.  France was killed at the Battle of Gaines Mill.  


Above:  Ron Deal played the part of Jeremiah Clark, father of Will.  Jeremiah and his wife Mary Ann settled in Watauga County, North Carolina in the early 1840s.  He lived in the upper valley along Clark’s Creek, a creek named after him.  Ron also was part of the Union militia at the Battle on Beach Mountain and the Capture of Camp Mast.


Above:  Mary Lou Maclaird played the part of Mary Ann, wife of Jeremiah Clark.  She was a voice of reason to her family and made sure all were well fed.






2 thoughts on “Meet the Cast – Part 8

  1. WOW!!!! Really good story! Liked the pictures, You have missed your calling. You should have been a movie producer. Josephine

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