Thunder in the Woods – hangin’ out


This past weekend Corydon Lake Park (at Corydon, Iowa) hosted Thunder in the Woods, a booming Civil War reenactment.  In this world the weapons fire smoke plus the Federal and Confederate forces are actually living history enthusiasts.   The park was full of folks, male and female, young and old, in period clothing.  They enjoyed being part of the event, camping, visiting, cooking on an open fire, doing art projects…  you name it.  As I walked through the trees one thing was very noticeable – –  EVERYONE was having a great time! 


My stroll around the park felt like a trip back in time – all the way back to the 1860’s.  A number of the ladies were outfitted in long dresses and flashy hats.  The gents had their vests and hats and some had rifles and gear.  A breeze rustled the leaves across the park and smoke from the campfires drifted through the camps. 


Men and women relaxed and enjoyed a fine time telling stories and visiting.  There was no email and no texting.  Everyone communicated face to face.  Mmmmmmm… what a comfortable, relaxing weekend – just hangin’ out.






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