The Majestic Day

This past Saturday (March 18th) was the BIG DAY –  the premiere of “Without a Country”!!!
The day started with a tasty lunch at the Hotel Continental, a charming restored hotel in Centerville, Iowa.   The hotel has hosted a number of notable guests including Jesse & Frank James, Booker T. Washington, Carrie Nation and Simon Estes.  It looked different in those days… but I suspect the hospitality was just as remarkable in those times as it was this past Saturday.  Many of the film cast and crew ate here before the show.  Photos are in linked Facebook pages HERE and HERE.
Then it was off to the Majestic Theater.  The short walk to the beautifully restored theater felt good after a hardy lunch.  I have included some photos from the front of the theater.  We had an enthusiastic crowd on hand.  Young and old all enjoyed a day where we stepped back in time to recall the amazing adventures of James Wilburn Clark and his wife Suzanne Lusk.
Times were hard back then.  Men with money ran the government and poor folks had work hard to get by.  The nation was divided and tensions ran high.  For many, war seemed like the answer.  That war took almost 3 million men.  As with so many wars, it was easy to start and exceedingly difficult to end.  Somehow, Will and Suzanne survived.  “Without a Country” gave the audience a taste of their struggle.



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