DVD’s & Blu-ray’s For Sale

WAC Insert Front

“Without a Country” DVDs and Blu-rays are now available for purchase.  The movie played March 18th in Centerville, Iowa.  No further showings are scheduled at this time.  
If you would like to purchase your copy see details below.
  • DVD’s – $15 each
  • Blu-ray’s – $20 each
  • Add $4 for shipping
  • $5 discount applies to your order if you helped with the movie
Make your check out to “Brad Clark” and send to:
Brad Clark
2804 Elm Street
West Des Moines, IA  50265
Please tell me where to send your order and what you are ordering.  Thanks for your interest…  I hope you thoroughly enjoy the movie.
About the story…  Will and Suzanne scratched out a living in the North Carolina mountains. Life was hard but their small farm was their little piece of Eden. When the Civil War broke out, they faced a desperate situation – they lived in the South yet they favored the Union cause.
“Without a Country” is based on the story of James Wilburn “Will” and Suzanne Lusk Clark. Will narrowly escaped death on the way to join the Federal army. He hid in the mountains to elude a Home Guard that made sport of killing men who avoided Confederate service. Meanwhile, Suzanne faced a Guard that torched her barn and stole her food. Bears and panthers lurked in the shadows, food was scarce and terror was a constant companion.

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