Corydon Thunder in the Woods 2018


This past weekend I attended Thunder in the Woods in Corydon, Iowa.  The Civil War reenactment took place in the Corydon city park – a perfect place with rolling hills, tall trees and lots of tents.  I enjoyed hiking through the woods, taking photos and forgetting about everything except the moment.

Most of the time was simply relaxing.  Yep, I said relaxing.  Folks were sitting around camp fires, stirring coals, tossing on logs… and they were visiting.  Actually using words.  I didn’t notice iPads.  I don’t remember folks texting.  I do remember someone taking about football scores – so somebody must have checked the scores on their phone.  Oh well, I guess its not easy to stay completely in the 1800’s.  Smile.


The day was warm and muggy – but you would not have known it when talking to the  folks there.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the day!  I guess I’m not the only one who appreciates stepping back in time.  🙂

Oh, I forgot to mention, the artillery made some noise.  Some really LOUD NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!


I plan to share more photos in the next few posts.  This post will also be forwarded to my Facebook page.

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