More Thunder


This past weekend the Civil War story briefly played out in the woods near Corydon, Iowa.  “Thunder in the Woods” was a gathering that brought an old-time look to the fields of southern Iowa.  Their look was a ’60’s look – but not the Andy Griffith ’60’s.  This was the 1860’s.

For those who like to romanticize the past – think again.  Folks in the 1860’s tended to wear long sleeves.  The men wore wool pants and, if they were soldiers, they wore wool jackets.  Women wore long dresses with long sleeves and many layers underneath.  And these things were worn on hot summer days.  Hmmmm… this does not sound very comfortable.

I know – – – I have heard – – – when you wear a wool shirt and get really sweaty and when the wind blows, the breeze has a cooling effect as it blows into your sweaty shirt.  But, when there is no breeze, YOU ARE HOT!  But, when you grow up with this sort of clothing, I guess you learn to deal with it.


This is the probably the same idea with the Vikings.  They ran around in really cold weather and sailed on cold seas and seemed to thrive and survive.  I really enjoy the period look of the 1860’s and other periods for that matter… and I really like air conditioning in the summer and a good furnace in the winter.  🙂


I hope you enjoy the photos.  Please make sure to visit various historical attractions when they are around.  It can be interesting to read about times past.  But there is something uniquely compelling to experiencing elements of history.  You certainly can gain an appreciation of what folks went through in years past.  And that has value…








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