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I am Robert Bradley Clark – people who know me call me Brad.  I worked in the publishing industry for many years and I come from a family with a long storytelling tradition.

Brad Clark

Brad Clark

My grandparents told old tales that took me to other worlds.  Sometimes I would take a magical trip back to the mountains of Tennessee, through a dangerous valley where panthers lurked in the trees.  Log cabins dotted the land and horses provided the transportation.  In those days dogs had the option to attend church. 

On other occasions I would be transported to a small Italian village at the foot of the Alps or to an Iowa mining camp.  I met family members trying to scratch out a living in the dark coal mines.  Others worked in factories or in kitchens cooking for a troupe of borders.  Their stories took me past the Statue of Liberty and to Ellis Island. 

All these tales kept me on the edge of my seat and the people in the stories became amazing friends.  With this background, it seems only natural for me share some stories.  I trust you will be entertained. 

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