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1.  Jeremiah and Alexander Clark of North Carolina

The story of two brothers, Jeremiah and Alexander Clark, and their descendants.  The tale begins in North Carolina shortly before the Revolutionary War and tracks these families through the Battle of Alamance and the Revolutionary War.  By the early 1800’s descendants migrated to Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and beyond.  The book includes a substantial discussion of Civil War service of family members.  The book also includes Family Descendant Charts for the Clark brothers and collateral families including the Aldridge, Beach, Berry, yBoone, Braswell, Byrd, Calloway, Clontz, Cochran, Coffey, Franklin, Gragg, Guinn/Gwn, Hartley, Honeycutt, Lusk, McCall, McClird/McClurd, McKinney, Meade, Miller, Moody, Prestwood / Presswood, Stokes, Taylor, Vance, Watson and Wells families.

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>  All chapters and photos from First Edition (approximately 130 pages).

>  Updated Family Descendent Charts for all families in First Edition in PDF format (over 15,000 pages).

>  Ancestor and Descendent Charts for additional families of interest to person purchasing the CD

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Jeremiah and Alexander Clark of North Carolina